Partner teaching reflection

I think teaching with Kathleen was an interesting challenge. I think overall we did well together because we collaborated well and fed off one another in a way that benefited the flow. Although it wasn’t perfect I think it was a good first attempt. Kathleen and I spent about an hour and a half prepping […]

Masters academy visit

I have mixed feelings about the program at Masters Academy. On one hand I think it’s really interesting and exciting, but on the other I feel like it would have to be very different in a public school. I think I might be bias because I grew up with wind band and loved it enough […]

Second performance

I feel like this performance could have gone better! For some reason I was nervous in the very beginning and missed notes on the electric guitar. It was very obvious because it seemed like I was the only person playing the harmony (in The Look). My guitar solo aalso didn’t feel like it went very […]

Goals for this term

I have talked a few times about my goals in my previous posts but I will elaborate more here. Mainly I want to be able to play fills in the song Black Beauty on the drums. I think I will accomplish this by googling resources for beginner snare rudiments. I will take a look at […]

First performance

Since 500 Miles, I got the opportunity to play drums for How to Save a Life. Luckily enough I have drums to play at home, and my boyfriend figured out the drum pattern by ear. He teached me the basics of it, but I really had to slow it down and break it down to […]

Learning log – app review and jam

The app I used was called Drum Pads 24. It has a grid of 3 by 4 and an A page and a B page, so you get a total of 24 preset sounds. You can download any “drum pad” from their store page, for free or for about a dollar.They come with trendy names […]

Makey makey prototype 1 blog post

My Makey¬†Makey¬†prototype was inspired by connecting drawing, technology, and music. Initially, I wanted to create an instrument out of fruit, but as soon as I broke the skin of an orange I realized how much waste that could create. I switched to something very accessible, cheap, and relatively recyclable: paper and pencil! When I imagine […]

Learning log 5

This has been one of my favourite classes I’ve taken at university so far because it is so interactive and focuses on practical knowledge of my skills to make something other than a Bach chorale, for example. I appreciate that this class was offered to me and I decided to take it despite it being […]