Partner teaching reflection

I think teaching with Kathleen was an interesting challenge. I think overall we did well together because we collaborated well and fed off one another in a way that benefited the flow. Although it wasn’t perfect I think it was a good first attempt. Kathleen and I spent about an hour and a half prepping […]

Masters academy visit

I have mixed feelings about the program at Masters Academy. On one hand I think it’s really interesting and exciting, but on the other I feel like it would have to be very different in a public school. I think I might be bias because I grew up with wind band and loved it enough […]

Second performance

I feel like this performance could have gone better! For some reason I was nervous in the very beginning and missed notes on the electric guitar. It was very obvious because it seemed like I was the only person playing the harmony (in The Look). My guitar solo aalso didn’t feel like it went very […]

Goals for this term

I have talked a few times about my goals in my previous posts but I will elaborate more here. Mainly I want to be able to play fills in the song Black Beauty on the drums. I think I will accomplish this by googling resources for beginner snare rudiments. I will take a look at […]

First performance

Since 500 Miles, I got the opportunity to play drums for How to Save a Life. Luckily enough I have drums to play at home, and my boyfriend figured out the drum pattern by ear. He teached me the basics of it, but I really had to slow it down and break it down to […]